Eight Week Method

Music Instructional Videos By Jason Shepherd

Learn Bass Guitar In 8 Weeks Product Info


*Reading Tab
*Walking The Fretboard
*8th Note Patterns
*12 Bar Patterns
*Triplet Patterns
*Hammer & Pull Offs
*& More


 Learn Bass Guitar In 8 Weeks will help you learn to play bass guitar without having any prior lessons or experience at all. Jason Shepherd has been an instructor for many years now and has seen first hand what does and doesn't work. This video will guide you through 8 weeks of lessons designed to show you all the basics of beginning bass guitar. All it requires is that you practice at least 3-4 days week for 15 to 30 minutes a day. It's so easy, students of all ages can master these techniques.

*DVD is approximately 75 minutes in length

*Comes with printable tablature files

*Convenient main menu to navigate between each week