Eight Week Method

Music Instructional Videos By Jason Shepherd

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*Reading Tab
*Playing Chords
*Playing Riffs
*Power Chords
*Hammer & Pull Offs
*Finger Training Exercises
*& More


 Learn Guitar In 8 Weeks will help you learn to play either acoustic or electric guitar without having any prior lessons or experience at all. Jason Shepherd has been a guitar instructor for many years and has experienced first hand what does and doesn't work. This video will guide you through 8 weeks of lessons designed to show you the basics of beginning guitar. All it requires is that you practice at least 3-4 days week for 15 to 30 minutes a day. It's so easy, students of all ages can master these techniques.

*DVD is approximately 1 hour in length

*Comes with printable tablature files

*Convenient main menu to navigate between each week