Eight Week Method

Music Instructional Videos By Jason Shepherd


Quotes Aimed at would be acoustic and electric guitar players" "A natural teacher" "Should connect well with younger axe slingers" Quotes
Randy Pittman
Video Librarian Magazine

Quotes I just started week one today. I'll admit that I cheated and checked out week two as well. This is a really, really great way to learn to play guitar. Jason explains every step clearly, beginning with different parts of the guitar, how to tune the guitar and some 'ladder' exercises to work on your finger agility as well as reading music. I've had some failed attempts at learning how to play the guitar, but the way that Jason slowly and clearly explains each step is very effective. I highly recommend checking this out! Quotes

Quotes Jason takes a fundamental approach that allows you to learn the basics, as well as challenge yourself along the way. I have tried others, however, this one is a keeper. Great for all ability levels and ages, my 4 yr old loves sitting in! Quotes
Ryan Noel

Quotes This is a great DVD if you're new or have little experience picking. The finger picking techniques and triplet picking really improved my guitar playing. My girlfriend was totally impressed with my progress when I was halfway through the program. Definitely recommend this DVD if you want to improve your finger picking skills. Quotes

Quotes I've been teaching myself to play guitar for about a few years now and I've read many books on playing chords and lead. I was having some trouble learning Metallica's 4 Horsemen, so I decided to order this DVD. Hands down the best instruction I've seen on Metal techniques. Great exercises for increasing dexterity, speeding up chord changes, a bunch of tips on alternate tunings, pinch harmonics - it's all there. The books I've read did a good job of explaining the basics, but working with this DVD 3-4 times a week really helped convert the information from the books into solid playing skills. Highly recommended! Quotes
Jeremy W from AZ

Quotes Great material, Mr. Shepherd is a talented and knowledgeable musician and he shows many important parts of learning punk guitar in this Dvd. I would recommend it to beginning players or more advanced players alike, as it covers everything from the nuts and bolts of playing to the much more advanced levels. Quotes
Stone Fox

Quotes I bought this DVD for my nephew and wow, I can already hear a big improvement in his playing! I definitely recommend this DVD! I'm very happy with my purchase. Quotes
Anthony D. Phoenix, AZ

Quotes Jason, the instructor, is sincere and easy to follow. It appears he is producing this DVD himself. I have just started with the program so more comments are sure to follow. Quotes
DRC from FL

Quotes Jason rocks! good deal Quotes

Quotes Fast shipping. Nice instrucional DVD. Highly recommend! Quotes
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