Eight Week Method

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Quotes I'm excited to learn. I started a little bit last year,my husband plays so he was helping, but thought this would be cool. And after reading all of the positive feedback left about you, I figured your DVD must be good!!! Thanks again. Quotes
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Quotes CaroI bought the "Learn Guitar in 8 Weeks" DVD in December. I'm on week 4 now and it's been pretty awesome so far. Once again, great product!! Thanks, Craig Quotes

Quotes Jason got the dvd today!!! Thank you for making the dvd. It is awesome. I can learn a lot from it. you are a great teacher! Thanks again. Quotes
Todd S. Kalispell, Montana

Quotes I watched your movie on how to play guitar in 8 weeks and it really helped my on my power cords and how to tune a lot better it really works. Quotes
Kurt B
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