Eight Week Method

Music Instructional Videos By Jason Shepherd

About Jason Shepherd

 Jason Shepherd currently lives and teaches in Peoria,  Arizona. He has also performed and taught lessons throughout Texas and Florida. Jason has been involved in music for the last 21 years. He has gone to school for classical guitar, taken lessons from the best music instructors in Arizona and has dedicated himself to researching many guitar and bass programs. Jason became a full time music instructor starting in 1999. Jason teaches and plays many styles from classical to metal.  He plays guitar, bass, drums and sings in bands and in his own solo projects. 

Learn Guitar In 8 Weeks


The concept of Learn Guitar In 8 Weeks was conceived in early 2001. Being a guitar teacher, Jason Shepherd discovered how many people were out there driven to learn music, but didn't have the time or money to pursue steady lessons. An 8-week program on video or DVD would be an effective & affordable means to instruct people all around the world and give them the jump-start needed to accomplish their musical goals. Jason then came up with an outline for 8 weeks worth of lessons, which he used from his own teaching examples. These 8 weeks of lessons would give almost anyone with an acoustic or an electric guitar the ability to start playing all the basics normally taught in most books, videos, or even by taking lessons. 

Recent Music Projects

(South By South West Performance In Austin)
 (Solo Music Project Vysitor)